The 10th Annual Carolina Cup made the hard decision to reschedule this year's event from April to November 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.  New dates for this years Cup are November 4th - 8th, 2020.  More time to train!

Wrightsville Beach Carolina Cup rescheduledC

Postponement and a Plan for every Paddler.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary Carolina Cup in Wrightsville Beach is a sure thing.  Paddlers from all over the East coast and globally can settle into their training rhythms over the length of the summer in order to prepare for the newly scheduled Carolina Cup hosted by the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club on November 4th-8th, 2020. Please see full details on new schedule below.

The Carolina Cup organizational team is offering every paddler who has already registered a transfer of their funds towards participation in the November event.  If any paddler is unable to attend the new November schedule (previously Surf 2 Sound weekend in Wrightsville Beach, NC), then race organizers promise paddlers they will receive a credit towards the 2021 Carolina Cup.

Organizers are also working toward rebooking the coaching clinics that were set to take place in April.  Stay tuned!

Blockade Runner 2017 Carolina Cup The Graveyard was as good as it's name at the 2017 Carolina Cup with high winds, swell and ACTION throughout the course.

Carolina Cup in November Raises Level of Performance as Athletes can NOW Train All Summer

Understandably, it's hard to make rescheduling plans.  Not everyone is able to refit their calendars to welcome a November 4th-8th dates for the East Coast's premiere SUP racing event.  BUT, what it does encourage is a higher level of performance across the 10th annual Carolina Cup's three race courses as every paddler now has the opportunity to train during the summer months. It all depends on how you look at it.

2019 Graveyard Results HERE

Personally, as a New Yorker, eyeballing the Graveyard in November holds a distinct advantage. Previously, with an early spring event, the Carolina Cup favored paddlers who are able to train all winter.  As a year-round paddler here in the North East, we still have to bring it down a notch when winter hits. Cold weather training requires a lot of gear, grit and good equipment. This year's 10th anniversary of the Carolina Cup levels the playing field in that all folks can plan their training schedule throughout the summer and into the fall months.  It's a win-win-win for (Harbor Island, Money Island and Graveyard) racers.

Carolina Cup Graveyard wrightsville beach Racers round Palm Tree island on their way towards the final inlet in the Graveyard Race. Photo by: Peter Newman Aerial Photography

Full Event Schedule: 4 Days of Clinics & SUP Racing Fever

Harbor Island 5K Recreational Race

Saturday, November 7th

Racer's Meeting 8:30AM

Race Begins:  8:40AM

This is a 3.5-mile flat water race along the intercoastal waterway and inland water trail around Harbor Island in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Racers can expect some current, wind and boat traffic along the race course although a large portion of the race is in a no-wake zone. This 3.5-mile race is the quintessential 5KM race of the East Coast's SUP racing circuit. It provides an excellent course and distance to welcome paddlers to the competitive racing. Riders can expect to complete the course in the range of 50 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on board choices, experience and Wrightsville Beach conditions that day. The Harbor Island Race is a perfect opportunity to get on the board and enjoy the water and good camaraderie among competitors.

Harbor Island Categories & Awards

* SUP 12'6 - Top 3 Overall Male and Female, Top 3 Male & Female 13U, 14-17, 18-49, 50-59 & 60+

* SUP 14' - Top 3 Overall Male and Female, Top 3 Male & Female 18-49, 50-59 & 60+

* Prone All - Overall Top 3 Male and Female

* SUP Unlimited - Overall Top 3 Male and Female

* Please note: There must be 5 participants in a category to receive an award

Josh Riccio draft train 2017 Carolina Cup Graveyard Josh Riccio leads the pack in a competitive course around Wrightsville Beach.

Money Island 10K Open Race

Saturday, November 7th

Racer's Meeting at 8:45AM

Race Begins:  9:10AM

The Money Island is a longer flat water race, threading through the inland waterways around Wrightsville Beach, Harbor Island and the spoil islands between WB and Masonboro Island. Like the Harbor Island Recreational Race, racers can expect currents & wind, but no ocean swells. This 6-mile race is a favorite for competitors looking to up their level of performance and is a premiere race along the 10K racing circuit. Looking for a paddling challenge? Then, this race is for you! The Money Island is an intermediate to advanced course. Racers can expect it will take an hour to 2 hours to complete the full course, depending on board, experience and conditions. The Money Island is a perfect opportunity to dive into the racing scene, push your body and level up against competitors from around the world.

Money Island Categories & Awards

* SUP 12'6 - Top 3 Overall Male & Female, Top 3 Male and Female U17, 18-49, 50-59 & 60+

* SUP 14' - Top 3 Overall Male  & Female, Top 3 Male and Female U17, 18-49, 50-59 & 60+

* Prone ALL - Overall Top 3 Male & Female

* SUP Unlimited - Top 3 Overall Male & Female

*Kayak - Top 3 Overall Male & Female

*Surfski Single - Top 3 Overall Male & Female

*Surfski Double - Top 3 Teams

*OC-1 - Top 3 Overall Male & Female

* OC-2 - Top 3 Teams

* Please note there must be 5 participants in a category in order to be eligible for prizes

April Zilg Carolina Cup Graveyard Laura Glantz photo

Elite Graveyard Course:  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Graveyard 13.1- mile Elite Race

Saturday, November 7th

Racer's Meeting at 9:25AM

Race Begins at 9:40AM

The infamous Graveyard course hosts a beach start and finish. This is a 12.6 to 13.2-mile ocean and flat water race that starts out front of the Blockade Runner on the oceanside.  Racers will begin the course by launching out into the surf and paddling downwind to the inlet where they will enter into the inland waterways and Intercoastal Waterway around Wrightsville Beach. Participants can expect 2 inlets, one of which will require racers to navigate breaking waves as they pass through the inlet. Competitors should be ready to manage both boat traffic and ocean swells. The open ocean portion of the race will be the downwind section, conditions permitting. Race organizers hold the right to change the direction of the Graveyard course to optimize conditions for a fast, fun and challenging race. The mileage depends on the particular line a racer charts for him/herself.

The Graveyard course is for elite paddlers with skill and fitness to complete this endurance paddling challenge. It may take competitors between 2 and 3.5 hours to complete the course depending on board choice, skill level and conditions. The Graveyard course is a rite of passage for many paddlers and is an excellent opportunity to test your mettle against the world's best racers. ALL RACERS must finish the half-way mark within 2 hours or be disqualified from finishing.  THERE IS A 5 HOUR TIME LIMIT on the event.  MONEY DIVISION & CASH PURSE given to Top 10 Overall Male and Female winners.

Check out 2017 Graveyard Stories HERE

Graveyard Course Categories & Awards

* Overall SUP Top 10 Male & Female

* SUP 14' & Under: Top 3 Male & Female U17 & 50+

*SUP Unlimited: Top 3 Male & Female

* Prone Stock: Top 3 Male & Female

* Prone 14':  Top 3 Male & Female

* Prone Unlimited:  Top 3 Male & Female

 Prone Racing story at the 2018 Graveyard HERE

* Please note there must be 5 participants within a category to be awarded prizes

Prone start 2017 Carolina Cup Graveyard banner Prone, Surfski and Outrigger racing is no less competitive at the Carolina Cup in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Top water athletes from around the world come together to compete.

Graveyard Course:  Outrigger and Surfski Racing

Graveyard 13.1-Mile Surfski and Outrigger Race

Saturday, November 7th

Racer's Meeting:  8AM

Race Begins:  8:25AM (Kayak & Surfskis)

Race Begins:  8:30AM (OC)

The Surfski and Outrigger Graveyard race will run the same course as prone & SUP but it starts and finishes on the Sound Side of the Blockage Runner resort. This premiere race for the surfski and OC divisions will hold a water start and beach finish.

Graveyard Surfski & OC Race Categories & Awards

* Kayak - Overall Top 3 (This includes Male & Female)

* OC-1 - Overall Top 3 Male & Female

* OC-2 - Overall Top 3 Teams

* Surfski Single - Overall Top 3 Male & Female

* Surfski Double - Overall Top 3 Teams

* Please note there must be 5 participants per category to receive an award

LauraGlantzPhoto-2019CarolinaCup-KIDS-25 Kid's course competitors are recognized and celebrated at the Carolilna Cup. Photo by: Laura Glanz photography

Kid's Racing Provides Flat Water Course for Fun & Competition

Kids Race

Sunday, November 8th

Race Meeting  10:15AM

Race Begins    10:30AM

The Kid's Race is a fun, family event to kick off the races on the Sound Side of the Blockade Runner resort on Sunday. This race is open for children ages 6 - 14.  Kids can complete 1 or 2 loops of the race course and all get recognized.

Kid's Race Categories & Awards

* 1 Loop:  Top 3 Male & Female

* 2 Loops: Top 3 Male & Female

Quiksilver Waterman Carolina Cup 2018 Photo by Georgia Schofield

10th Annual Carolina Cup additional information:

Race registrants for the April event will be credited their registration fee toward November 2020.  If a racer is unable to attend the November event, they receive credit towards the Carolina Cup 2021.

You do not have to race to take a clinic, or take a clinic to race. You also do not have to race to be a part of the full weekend by participating in the expo and demos. The Carolina Cup provides entertainment for the entire family!

All competitors must wear State Coast Guard approved PFD's (personal flotation device) and leashes as stated in the WPA rules.

Races can be cancelled due to weather & conditions.