Each year, our Editor-in-Chief Evelyn O’Doherty puts together a Holiday Gift Guide for the Waterlover in your lives.  Even better, she keeps it under $200 so you can choose one, multiple items or cash in on all of them. Each product has been tried and vetted, comes from a trusted brand source and - of course - Evelyn’s assurance that “They’re gonna love it”!

For 2023, Here We GO!

1.  Mustang Survival MIT Automatic Inflatable 100 PFD $169.99 

Mustang Survival's innovative PFD. Built to last with an exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) and super-strong high-tenacity nylon face fabric make it lightweight, flexible, and highly durable. This PFD automatically inflates upon water immersion. It also has a 1-fold easy to repack design (helpful!) with a buoyancy of up to 28lbs. Designed for Kayaking, Sailing, Stand Up Paddling, I use my MIT Automatic Inflatable PFD in the cooler temps when I am wearing more bulky items for paddling and/or don't want to depend on yanking the cord for inflation in rough seas. For summertime, I opt for the Mustang Survival Minimalist Waist Pack - also a super useful, comfortable and well tailored PFD that sits around your waist. Mustang is a well trusted and respected company for water adventure and survival gear.


2.  Mustang Survival Watch Keeper Knit (wool/acrylic) Beanies $34.99  

Mustang Survival's 50% Wool / 50% Acrylic blend beanie provides thermal comfort, easy packable design. Great for crisp winter morning surf checks, stand up paddle sessions or apres-foil workout. Comes in Charcoal and Port colours.  Also, a percentage of all proceeds will go towards ocean conservation and marine debris removal projects in British Columbia. Love it when my apparel connects back to the planet!


3.  ARCADE Belts Performance Stretch Belt for Outdoor Adventure

ARCADE's versitle, machine washable, low profile recycled buckled belt provides freedom of movement as well as comfort. Made with Repreve Recycled Webbing, the SAVE The WAVES edition gives 10% of all sales back to Save the Waves' efforts towards protecting our waves and coastlines.  I wear this belt hiking, climbing or just running about town. It performs with maximum comfort, makes a statement about ocean preservation and looks good too. $37.95


4.  Sea to Summit EVAC Compression Drybag HD  $59.95-$89.95

Sea to Summit EVAC compression drybags are made from a super-strong, abrasion and puncture-resistant 420D waterproof main body fabric and a 500D Cordura eVent® waterproof - but air-permeable base - to allow you to push air out while still keeping your contents dry inside. I appreciate how these bags can compress down to a portion of their size and buckle up to stay that way.  Phone, ear buds, electronic keys have all been tested in the bags. There is no water getting in there. Sea to Summit provides rugged and reliable dry bag storage. Comes in multiple sizes. Get a few!


5.  Solite Cool Water Boots  3mm Custom & 3mm Custom Pro 
The Solite Boots Cool Water Collection consists of neoprene boots designed for water temps from 50F-60F/10-16C. These are great for cooler water temp sessions and made to create a custom fit every time. Everybody I know who has a pair of Solite Boots swears by them.  $84.95 -$104.95



6.  Buy a Mango Tree with SeaTrees!  Gift 10 to 50 Trees Per $1 donation.

This is a no-brainer:  Help restore coastal ecosystems in one of the world’s Marine Protected Areas while ALSO providing sustainable employment in Mida Creek, Watamu Kenya by purchasing a packet of mango trees from Sea Trees. The trees will then be planted in your water lover's name and you can both feel good about protecting the planet!  See Trees offers an easy email alert for giftee that takes the work out of letting them know you’re thinking of them.




ALL IN! The Atlantic Stand Up Paddle Crossing
by Chris Bertish

What would you put on the line for what you believe in? In 2017, waterman Chris Bertish became the first individual ever to stand up paddleboard across the Atlantic Ocean (or any ocean) alone. Defying the odds, he paddled 7500 kilometers solo, unassisted and completely unsupported, for 93 days across from the coastline of Morocco in Africa to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. Most people believed this feat was simply impossible. This is the story of his incredible journey. Session Mag’s Book of the Year! 
Paperback $19.95

FOAM: Waves Aren’t the Only Giants Cass Must Face to Survive 
by Laurel Senick

Foam is a suspense-fueled, surfer's adventure that takes the reader on a wild ride of chasing waves from up north from Nova Scotia to Rincon Puerto Rico. The main character Cass - who recently went through a devastating loss - finds herself freediving through underwater caves, and a race against time to find an ancient treasure. Laurel Senick's writing captivates the reader through detailed descriptions of waves, regions and action packed, adrenaline-fueled adventure. Paperback $17.99 



8.  Hamptons Aromatherapy Sea to Skin Wellness

Hamptons Aromatherapy uses only natural, locally-sourced, pure ingredients including bladderwrack seaweed, sugar kelp and other herbal infusions free from chemicals to create artisanal, small batch wellness products that are a gift from the sea to the water lover in your life. The quality of product here speaks for themselves. I loved the lip balm, hydrosol (for apres surf) and sugar scrub (for salty skin)!
Seaweed Mint Massage Butter: $60 / Seaweed Hydrosol: $40


9.  SAVE ALASKA From MINING: Alaska Black Friday PSA
Patagonia is asking customers to save big this holiday season. Alaska big. Into the sea of holiday promotions and rampant consumerism, Patagonia has launched a campaign called “Alaska Needs You.” The goal is to activate the outdoor community to support increased protection for three areas in Alaska:

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 
The National Petroleum Reserve-Area, and 
The Brooks Range.

Specifically, Patagonia is urging its community—through a short film and advertising campaign launching Nov. 22, and within Patagonia's stores and Action Works platform—to ask President Biden for the holiday gift of a lifetime: protection for America’s Arctic.  Please watch the film and comment in the link provided to make your/our voices heard about the preservation of natural spaces.   $$Priceless$$



10. SESSION MAG 1-YR Or 2-YR Subscription  1-YR $54// 2-YR $98

Get the water lover in your life, their favorite magazine delivered directly to their door for one to two full years. Session works hard to keep you connected to the water even when you can’t get their yourself through up-to-date coverage of the world of watersports from semi-pro surfing to wingfoiling, downwinding, kiting, cold water swimming and watersports adventure travel.  Make someone happy with the gift that keeps on giving… 4X per year.