Infinity Surf has been in the business of making boards for 50 years. To date, they have produced over 50,000 boards which include their stand up paddle and foil boards.  The brand continues to innovate, build and inspire. Here's a recent video from Dave Boehne talking about the business of building boards.  Ride on, Dave!

Dave Boehne on Making Boards:  Surf, SUP & Foil

"We're not worried about the next trend and whether it's cool or not.  If it rides on the ocean, we're gonna make it."

In collaboration with O'Neill apparel, the Dave Boehne - aka "the brown blurr" - of Infinity Surf gives his perspective on growing up with a board-making father, the current status and styles of boards made at Infinity and his current goals.  This short video will have you closing down your computer and heading out the door to find nirvana.  We suggest you get out there.