It's not often when Dave Boehne gets stoked.  No.... that's not quite right. He's SUPer stoked, ALL the TIME. But, he just went ballistic when he received the following video footage of Infinity's New Deal SUP Surf design put to the test in large, cold water slabs.

Check it out.

Dave Boehne: Stoked on Being a Shaper

One of the most rewarding things about being a board shaper or designer is watching people enjoy the boards you make and the designs that take them to the next level. I am truly so grateful to be making water toys that resonate with people!

With the help of social media it’s not uncommon for me to make a board for someone and follow their journey to follow the fun they get into. I love it when customers and fans of the Infinity brand tag @infinity_sup so I can see what our legion of SPEED FREAKS are up to!

We get tagged A LOT. And, there are so many people putting out great content that we love to share! Even so, every once in a while a photo or footage comes across my iPhone that makes me stop and stare. THIS footage is one of those great moments.

New Deal:  Taking it to Another Level

The rider is Gary Kohner, (@nantucketsurfing) an avid East Coast surfer who finds himself in some larger slab surf at an undisclosed location. The board he’s riding is Infinity’s New Deal model which is designed after a performance longboard shape in an all carbon construction. This production size board is 10’ x 27” x 122L. The longboard shape and design is for performance turning off the tail while maintaining strong nose ride capabilities. It is mostly ridden in head high or smaller surf. So, having this footage with waves well over head including slab style barrels was a very cool moment for me. There is nothing I like seeing better than riders pushing the limits on equipment I designed. Sometimes even I get surprised by a design's range of performance.

You can compare and see the contrast in waves and riding styles in these two very different New Deal clips. Check out this Small Wave New Deal Noseriding video below:


Written by, Dave Boehne

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