The Heart of Paddling lives. The 2020 Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a (Paddle Festival) includes three days of festival, beach clean ups and SUP, foiling, OC1, OC2, prone,surf ski and invitee racing. This year, the Festival will be held on Friday, July 3rd & Saturday, July 4th on the island of Molokai in the Hawaiian island chain.

Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a offers something for everybody

The Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a Festival combines two renowned events: the Maui to Molokai Challenge (M2M), a 27-mile downwind run and the Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run, a community event started in 2010 featuring multiple race courses and a day long festival. Combining these two events with a focus on the environment and a dedication to educating youth about healthy lifestyle choices is the heart of Molokai Holokai Ho’olaule’a!

Maui to Molokai Holokai SUP race downwind

Friday 3rd July 2020: Maui Jim's MAUI 2 MOLOKAI CHALLENGE

This favorite 27-miles downwind run is anticipated by the Hawaiian islands' top pros. Connor Baxter participated in the M2M Crossing for the first time at 8 years old. Zane Schweitzer windsurfed it at age 10, became the first paddler to SUP across in 2008 and was the first athlete ever to foil across in 2017. Zane's presence and incredible energy has been a part of the Molokai Holokai M2M and his work with the kids on Molokai offering Zane SUPer Grom clinics adds so much heart to the event's overall success. Other top pros like Annie Reickert and Kai Lenny along with traveling athletes like James Casey, Travis Grant and young gun Bobo Gallagher are in regular attendance because of their love for this weekend festival and 27-mile Pailolo Crossing.

Connor Baxter Molokai Holokai downwind SUP race Erik Aeder photo Connor Baxter has said this is his favorite race of all time (and it should be as he's won it multiple years in a row ;). The legendary Pailolo Crossing is a must for all serious paddlers. Photo by: Erik Aeder

What is M2M?  Legendary 27-Mile Maui to Molokai downwind run

The Maui 2 Molokai Challenge will celebrate its 18th year in 2020 since Youth in Motion created this elite race and paddle crossing event back in 2003 with the sport of windsurfing. Now, it is the 2nd oldest Pailolo Crossing event. For many, this crossing is a rite of passage to test one's skills as a watermen or waterwomen.  It is a way to come into one's own to cross the channel and face the challenge of the open water.


An open canvas of ocean allows athletes to choose their vessel for the legendary M2M downwind race. All crafts are welcome including FOILS, SUPS, OC-1, OC-2, SURFSKI and PRONE. Everyone is welcome. Non-athletes may also sponsor a paddler to raise money for Youth In Motion, a local non-profit offering Molokai youth opportunities develop a respect for the ocean and participate in a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

M2M Molokai to Maui Youth in Motion All ages and board styles are welcome at the Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a Paddle Festival where racing and recreational paddles fill the weekend with camaraderie & good cheer. Support and proceeds benefit Youth In Motion, offering Molokai Youth water athlete skills and training in healthy lifestyles to bring them opportunities for greater education. Photo by: Erik Aeder

M2M offers Paddle, Clean Ups, SUP Demos and a Day of Festival

“It’s all about fun and getting there safely.”

The day begins with the Kaunakakai Harbor clean up and Paddlers Welcome beginning at 9:00AM. Sign up at the harbor at the ferry area. As always, there are plenty of hats for the kids!  Friday's M2M distance course starts from DT Flemmings Beach on Maui with racers crossing the Pailolo Channel in a 27-mile distance race to the island of Molokai.

In addition to the race, the Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a will host SUP demos and clinics all day on Molokai along with a Mangrove clean up service project to honor the environment.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

Benoit Carpentier Molokai to Maui Molokai Holokai race Foiling across the Palilolo Channel has become a rite of passage for many paddlers. A test of waterman & waterwoman skills to traverse 27-miles of open ocean currents is a powerful feat. Photo by: Erik Aeder

Saturday 4th JULY:  Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run

The Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run is a fun-filled day that includes multiple races of varying lengths to get the whole community involved! Test your endurance in the 10-mile race or paddle hard for the 5 miler. There is also a 4-mile recreational event and a 2-mile paddle.  Plus, don't forget the popular 3/4-mile recreational event for the keikis. Fun is guaranteed for everyone as we celebrate the waterman's lifestyle on Molokai!

REGISTER HERE for Saturday's Races

Schedule of Events at Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run

Race participants will check in at Kamalo between 11:0AM and Noon.  The 10-mile Race begins at 12:30PM sharp for SUP and 1:00PM for Foilers and OC-1/OC-2 paddlers.

The 5-Mile course will launch from the beach at 1:15PM.

Keiki and Makua Race will start at 2:45PM.  Racers are expected to check in at Molokai Community Health Center at 1:30PM for this energetic Mowat Homestead to Molokai Community Health Center 3/4 mile fun-filled race which brings the entire community together.

Molokai Holokai Paddle Festival in Hawaii It's all about the kids at the Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run. Races range from 2-miles, to 4-miles, 5-miles and 10-miles with a special 3/4-mile recreational race for the keikis (kids) to include the entire community. Beach clean ups, live music, SUP demos and so much more. A full weekend festival of fun at the Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a!

Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run = Community Together

“It’s just cool that Clare includes kids a lot in this event.  In most races, it’s all serious and like about who is going to win, where this one is kind of laid back and chill. It’s just nice to have a good environment” - Bobo Gallagher

Molokai Holokai SUP race Maui Hawaii Everybody's a winner at the Molokai Holokai Kamalo Run where participants of every race receive medals and certificates of completion. Proceeds go to benefit Youth In Motion, a local non-profit supporting Molokai children by offering them tools and tips for healthy lifestyles.

"A Celebration of Youth Opportunities" for Molokai Kids

2020 marks the coming together of the Molokai community to inspire youth and their families to get healthy. The concept of the Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a began in 2003 with Na Opio Hana Pa’a or "A Celebration of Youth Opportunities" as the first Maui to Molokai Challenge began. The crossing has become the vehicle for getting our visiting ocean men, women and youth to Molokai via the ocean. At the same time, this paddle festival includes events for our community. Everyone converges at Malama Park for an afternoon of music and festivities.

Stay tuned for future updates as we follow paddlers in their training for this weekend water festival.  Whether 2-miles or 27, paddlers put their heart in their efforts to benefit the children of Molokai though Youth In Motion.