The new Starboard FreeWing Air is here. The FreeWing Air shares the stoke of Kite, SUP and Windsurf all in one great experience in this dynamic new collaboration between Starboard SUP and Airush Kites.

Starboard Freewing Air 1 Combining foiling, kiting and windsurfing, the FreeWing is a natural progression for any water enthusiast. Made by Starboard & Airush Kites.

Starboard & Airush Release Dynamic FreeWing Air

Working with the design teams from both Airush and Starboard, FreeWing Air infuses innovation and ideology of different water sports into a new ground breaking design geared towards refined wind performance.

Development on the FreeWing took the design team to Thailand, Tarifa, Cape Town and Maui. With such an incredible spread and array of talent, Starboard and Airush optimized the best of light wind and high wind performance to create a product that will suit your local conditions perfectly.

What Stands Out about FreeWing?

  1.  All Around Wing with Multiple Levels of Performance

    Starboard & Airush focused on providing extra comfort when riding for extended periods on the water. Their new All Around Freewing provides reduced arm pressure for those longer sessions while every size is designed for maximum control and performance.

  2. Extended Windows for a Larger Field of Vision

    The FreeWing hi-viz windows allows for greater safety and control in crowds. Their perspective is fun = safety and the more you SEE, the safer you shall BE.

  3. Wingtips Angled Inward

    Creating wingtips that angle inward on the 5, 6 and 7m sizes help keep the tips out of the water upon launch or when being overpowered by the wind. Stay upright & flying with this innovative new design.

Starboard's FreeWing Air offers soft, wide-spanning handles for micro adjustments on the fly, critical kevlar reinforcement to protect the wing from ripping, angled handles to provide jibes & maneuvers, and a cuff system for your leash so you only have to strap in with one hand.

For Tips on How-To Care for and Manage your FreeWing Air,


Overall, the FreeWing is an excellent device for beginner fliers and those who want to amp up their game with more versatile tricks and maneuvers.  What a joy it is to FLY!