Fall 2019

As I write this, we are wrapping up World Oceans Week here in New York. One can feel the strong energy and motivation from the dynamic meetings, presentations and films that took place all week at the UN. Motivational speakers like Jane Goodall, marine scientists as in Fabian Cousteau and Carl Safina along with politicians from all over the world came together with major consumer brands, industry leaders and environmentally active companies in order to find strength in numbers for networking a solution to what is happening to our global waters

I heard a speaker at the Explorer’s Club, marine biologist Gaelen Rosenwoks, speak of being at the deepest parts of the Atlantic Ocean and discovering man’s impact there through plastic debris and trash being present in areas no man (or woman) had dove before. We witnessed the banding together of brands & environmentalists to make a change and take STEPS towards creating a more sustainable future, for all of us.

Here, at Standup Journal, we seek to highlight those brands and people who work hard to make changes towards greater sustainability and the health of our planet. We hope to inspire you to take a stand and make changes to protect our watery playgrounds. We want to give you the tools to do so.

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