Fall 2022

Welcome to FALL22 where the heat of our northern hemisphere summer begins to cool, hurricane season begins to show long period swells and we generally relax back into the beauty and promise of the sweet spot of autumn. Our FALL22 issue captures so much of that poignant balance between the passion of summer’s sun and activity and the cooling effect of autumn’s crisp nights and long, golden hours. Passion and promise. Balance. Relishing the memories made in summer and softening towards the beauty and sweet surrender of fall. Relax. Deep breath. We are fully here now. In the FALL22 issue of Standup Journal, relive the heat from Zane Schweitzer’s spectacular experience of the recent “Code Red” swell that transformed Maui’s finicky Ma’alaea wave into the powerful “Freight Trains” heaving barrels. You will also experience the brace of the wind and excitement of chasing bumps from the legendary downwind race, “Maui 2 Molokai” completed and written by SUJ’s own Russ Scully Get ready to watch fiery SUP racer, Itzel Delgado from Peru, as he sets his sights on the World Tour and eventually the Olympic Games. Be dazzled by the island Republic of Mauritius where windsurf and SUP athlete Maria Andres takes us on a full tour of this spectacular sea and landscape off the coast of southeast Africa. Learn how two well known surf filmmakers develop their respective crafts by delving into the ‘why’ of their passions and sharing that with the world. Check out our ‘Grom Watch’ with an interview with wing athlete Chris MacDonald from Hood River, Oregan on his leading progression in the world of wing foiling. And we wrap up, as always, with laughter from Standup Journal’s serial writer Steve West who reminds us all to stay light and don’t forget to cheer for the people at your local break. You never know who you might inspire. We welcome you all to live fully in this moment. Let’s commit to finding the balance between the passion and promise in this sweet season ahead. We are, as ever, here to celebrate all of it and all of YOU as you continue to share your journeys with us on this great wave of life. Mahalo. We are grateful you are all here. Aloha, Evelyn

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