Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 Issue - arriving on newsstands March 15th - is dramatic, robust, and full of rich, informative articles, jaw dropping imagery and inspiring tales from the titans of watersports. Standup Journal is NOT just about stand up paddling anymore! Check out this article lineup for the Spring 2021 magazine:

  • Psychology of Big Wave Surfing: a deep dive into the mindset of the world’s greatest surfers, by Russ Scully

  • Mavericks Surf Awards, by Evelyn O'Doherty

  • Erik Antonsen interviews the legends of the Longboard SUP revolution: Dave Kalama, Colin McPhillips, Zane Schweitzer and Fisher Grant

  • Exclusive Interview with Bobo Gallagher on crossing the Alenuihaha Channel on a wing

  • Bernd Roediger joins team of champions at Infinity SUP

  • Paddling with Giants in the Concrete Jungle: origins and anecdotes from SEA Paddle NYC’s 24-mile paddle race around New York City written by co-founder Andrew Mencinsky

  • Chasing Freedom: Egypt’s Nehal Hakim speaks to watersports as a way to access her inner freedom and break through dominant cultural barriers.

  • It’s All Good: Steve West reflects on Greg Noll and teriyaki chicken

BIG NEWS! Standup Journal will NOW be selling on newsstands in the United Kingdom! PLUS, in addition to our steady presence in national retailers like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Gelson’s Markets and West Marine, Standup Journal will now be available along the northeast coastal corridor in mainstream retailers:

Hannaford Markets
Roche Brothers
Stop & Shop
Big Y

Now, there is easy access to the greatest watersports magazine in North America & the U.K! Enjoy the journey.

Letters to the Editor are always welcome! Reach out & connect at editor@standupjournal.com

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