Summer 2022

“So many magic moments only get captured out there in nature, when you slow down enough to stop, breathe and take it all in. We all miss so much when we are constantly rushing. However, one of the first things about realizing you are missing out on the magic out there between the chaos is having the awareness that it’s happening and then building in the time and space to appreciate the little moments more. That’s the key to change and living a better life in gratitude daily.” - Chris Bertish

This Summer 22 issue of Standup Journal is, on so many levels, about deepening our experience and engagement with nature. In nature we heal, we find inspiration. We deepen our connection to ourselves and the planet beyond us. Those of us who draw replenishment from our time spent in nature, especially outdoors on the water, understand (as few others can, perhaps) that the source or the well we draw from is not infinite, and we must care for it in order to continue to find our nourishment.

Standup Journal’s staff and crew recently spent time at the See Change Sessions climate action summit in Burlington VT, where we engaged in discussions about the many ways, as an outdoor industry, we can create positive impact and lead others to deepen their awareness about how supply chains, production standards, and daily actions can coalesce with our desire to protect the sanctity of our environment. The time is NOW to lead. We are the purveyors of stoke, creators of bringing new tribesmen and women out on the water, providing instruction and entry into the magic way of living a water-connected life. Our well is deep and vast … and it must be protected.

The Summer 22 Issue of Standup Journal provides a deepening insight into all this: the crazy things we water lovers do and commitments we sign up for, all in the name of achieving a goal when what we really want is to get the h*ll out of here and spend more time on the water.

Read about April Zilg’s solo OC-1 adventure of paddling 333 miles to Cape Hatteras from her home on Lake Hyco, North Carolina in order to deepen her connection to her own true north. Hear how Austin Kalama found his way to becoming a professional waterman by striving to maintain his integrity and make his own name, all while growing up in the footsteps of a legend like his dad, Dave Kalama. You’ll love Mariele Guerrero’s quest to circumnavigate her homeland of Nova Scotia via paddle board, only to learn that what she found along the way was greater than the goal she’d had in mind. Enjoy Bart de Zwart’s recent trip to the Maldives and see how this multifaceted waterman brought all his skills into the moment on this fantastic voyage. We are also privileged to hear from waterman legend Felipe Pomar who, at 78 years young, teaches us how to stay fit and healthy so we can continue to draw from the well and continue to do what we love for a long time into the future. We wrap up with, of course, the humor of Steve West who reminds us - no matter what - to have fun with it all and choose the path that works for you, because sometimes chasing the crowd is no fun.

We leave you, as always, with aloha. Breathe in, and remember your source of nourishment. Breathe out, and offer your best self to others. We’ll see you out there and look forward to enjoying the stoke of the moment together, one paddle stroke at a time.

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