Issue No. 02 Summer 2023

Ah ah summer. That time of year we cherish for all the things that have come to define the most laid back months on the calendar. Warmer weather, longer days, less time at work, more time to play, and no school for all those chasing academic pursuits. Sandals, patio furniture, beach umbrellas, barbeques, backyard pools, beaches, the nostalgic smell of sunscreen and that crispy sun-baked feeling that comes from long days in the sun are just ahead of us.

Welcome to issue number 2 of Session. We've seen a few changes since we last met. Hopefully many of you have had a chance to discover our new podcast channel, On Water, where our own Evelyn O'Doherty dives deeper into some of the stories we shared in our last issue. You'll hear the first hand account from Chuck Patterson on his broken back at Cortes Bank, the motivation behind Justin Fornal's lengthy swims in frigid waters, and the origin story of how Session Magazine came to be. You can listen to those episodes and more from our website at or from your preferred listening platform.

Aside from that shameless digital content plug, summertime is generally a time to unplug. In fact, summer vacation was initially created to give students (and teachers) a much needed cognitive break during the hottest months of the year. It turns out we can all use some down time right about now to break away from the daily rigor of what's expected and focus instead on what's important to us. Regardless of whether that's prioritizing your own well being or connecting with family and friends, I encourage you all to use the next three months to get after it.

We've got a stacked collection of stories in this issue to help you do just that. Dylan Stott is back and questioning what makes sense when faced with the internal struggles between obligations and self indulgence. Evelyn takes us on her journey to the most easterly island in the Caribbean to catch up with the activities of the AcTioN Mon himself, Brian Talma. Trish Patterson shines a light on the women who paddled out and competed in the first "Eddie" event ever open to women. Russ takes us to the far reaches of the Marshall Islands, Silmone Talfourd explores Greenland by paddleboard and Eric Sanford questions the need for digital representation. It's the ‘do what you want’ issue and we're encouraging you to do it now because there's no time like the present.

I'd like to dedicate this issue to my friend Angelo Cordero, a talented photographer and big hearted human who loved life and passed away a few months ago in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Angelo taught me to see the beauty in every moment of every day. I miss that guy.

Be well.

Aloha, Russ

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