Winter 2020-21

In a perfect world, how do we develop our balance between work and play, grind and grace, giving and receiving?

In Standup Journal’s Winter 21 issue we put this issue of balance on full display. Absorb the incredible artwork of Pete Cabriha, former XXL Big Wave surf champion, member of the original Strapped crew and pioneer to multiple watersports. Pete’s creative eye for color and composition offsets his formidable water skills to make this talented waterman multi-faceted.

Next, hear from an incredibly talented young Frenchman, Clement Roseyro, who balances his own mighty skill set between SUP surfing, big wave charging, foiling, wingfoiling and kiting. Clement’s ample energy cannot be contained in one setting so he froths over all conditions to spend maximum time on the water.

Then, we stand tall to get inspired by the SUP Vets where, each year, a group of highly trained warriors come together for a week to learn how to SUP surf at the Grand Palladium Resorts in Punta de Mita, Mexico. The vision behind The SUP Vets experience is to give military veterans an opportunity to develop a healthy connection to the ocean in order to offset the challenges of returning to a civilian lifestyle.

Annabel Anderson shares her experience with teaching herself - in winter - how to wingfoil. This world champion SUP racer takes it upon herself to embrace the suck and put in the time to give herself a new challenge and rewire her circuits after years of focusing on one sport. Today, she is winging all over Lake Wanaka in New Zealand and offering tips to new riders across her impressive array of skill sets.

And finally, we hear from three great watermen who balance their busy daily lives by embarking on a 4-day holopuni crossing, giving themselves over to the freedom of being at sea in order to reset and reflect on the meaning of the ocean in their lives.

We hope you enjoy this Winter21 Issue of Standup Journal. We certainly enjoy bringing them to you! And, as ever, if you have an idea or suggestion, please email us at: Please be patient in waiting for your response. We are out on the lake, river, bay or ocean maintaining our connection to the water and good stoke with all of YOU.


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