Winter 2021–22

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” - Isak Dinesen

WE ARE NOT EFFING AROUND! - When we say we are water lovers, we mean it! As we finish this Winter issue that you hold in your hands, I am literally doing it in a wet wetsuit! It is November 6th, 2022 and it’s 74 degrees in Burlington, Vermont. I have been spoiled by the last three days due to the balmy, albeit unseasonable temps (the planet is troubled and Mother Earth is pissed off, but that’s an article for another issue!).

Over the course of the last several days I have been able to offset the stress of meeting print deadlines with miles of wing foiling, kitesurfing, and SUP downwinding. Our Publisher, Russ, has been on his annual pilgrimage down the east coast in his trusty VW Wesphalia enjoying plenty of water time while finishing authoring a few articles as well as reviewing the Winter issue as we reach the finish line. And you can guess that our fearless Editor-in-Chief, Evelyn, has balanced her stress with her morning ritual of longboarding perfect early morning Montauk dreamers. So yes, creating, producing and printing our water lover’s magazine can be stressful, but we can tell you that we couldn’t do it without a lot of H2O missed in!

This WINTER22 issue of Standup Journal embraces the stoke across multiple watersports. We open with a private chat with Kai Lenny about his newest partnership with A New Earth Project while at this summer’s See Change Session climate action summit. Then, we explore the waters of central America through challenging one’s skill sets in an exclusive foiling expedition with Foil X. Next, we hear from Bernd Roediger about the IWT’s Fiji Pro windsurfing event at the legendary Cloudbreak wave. Suit up and stay tuned after that for a tale about swimming the Baltic Sea as Justin Fornal takes us through his journey to swim from Canada to Greenland across the Nares Strait. Now, that’s commitment! There is an interview with Maui’s Kane de Wilde on the physics of flight for riding the foil longer than you’ve ever dreamed. Read our Spotlights on artist and pro surfer Tony Caramanico, a special surf + yoga retreat in Uvita, Costa Rica that offers more than just a chance to ride waves but teaches us how to become connected to the ocean on a daily basis. We review the excitement from the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard World Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico, plus so much more!

We hope you enjoy this WINTER22 issue of Standup Journal as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Keep the letters coming to with your thoughts and musings. We love to hear from ya!

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