Cheers to Allan Dawson, this week's selected subscriber! Allan Dawson is an 81-year-old avid stand up paddleboard shaper and paddler. He's built more than 10 gorgeous wooden SUPs by hand, one for each member of his family, and even a super-sized one that he can take his big Mexican rescue dog, Charlie on! Dawson says he LOVES Session Magazine because of "the stories of surfing take him back to his youthful days of surfing in New Zealand in the 50's and 60's. And the stories of paddling inspire me in my current adventures!" Right now (two weeks out of finishing chemo), he's preparing to head to Baja with his 81-year-old wife for their annual camping adventure, where he'll be paddling daily on the remote Bahia de Concepción for two months. In summer, he paddles with family near his home in Half Moon Bay, British Columbia. Keep paddling Allan, and thanks for the kind words as well as for supporting Session Magazine!