Cheers to waterman and artist Drew Brophy, this week's selected subscriber! Drew has been a professional surf artist his entire life and owns and operates an art gallery with his wife Maria in San Clemente, California. This picture of Drew was from a recent surf trip to Cloudbreak in Fiji. The trip was a big deal for Drew because just over a year ago he was learning to walk again after being on a ventilator for over 70 days. Drew says, "I came home in a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk, eat, and talk again after five months in the hospital. At first, I was told I wasn't going to survive and had to say goodbye to my family through a window.  When I made it through the coma and it looked like I was going to live, then I was told I'd never get off the oxygen, and I would definitely never surf again. It was a long, hard road back to health. Going to Fiji and surfing Cloudbreak was proof to myself that I'm getting my body back again. What I love about Session Mag is that it tells stories that inspire me to want to explore and travel more. I like how it features every day people, not just the pros. It's relatable."

Thanks for the kind words as well as supporting Session Magazine Drew! You are an inspiration in and out of the water.