Cheers to Eddie Devereaux, this week's selected subscriber! Eddie started his water journey windsurfing in the early 80's, then later stand up paddleboarding where he used to go out every day he could living only a few minutes from the ocean on Cape Cod. Today, you can find Eddie behind the lens photographing water sports for fun and love of the ocean. Devereaux says, "I love photography, it keeps me near the surf community and friends. I like shooting everyone at all levels. What I like most about Session Magazine are the photos. The first thing I do when Session arrives in my mailbox is rip open the packaging, go through every page and look at the photos. I also like the different variety of watersports Session Magazine covers from SUP Surfing, SUP Racing, Surfing, Kiting, Wing Foiling, and of course the athletes involved in the sport." You can find his images on Facebook under Eddie Devereaux on Instagram @eddie_devereaux. Keep the dream alive Eddie, and thanks for the kind words as well as for supporting Session Magazine!