Chip McGraw is founder and CEO of McGRAW, a multi-strategy marketing and consulting firm based in St. Augustine, FL. He is fortunate to have been able to travel the world to fuel his stoke for surfing and adventure. Chip considers himself a citizen of the world and has lived as an expat in Central America. Chip has financed his adventures and expat lifestyle by creating opportunities utilizing his degree in Spanish and Latin-American studies and his natural understanding of business.

In 2012 Chip, his wife and four children returned to St. Augustine, FL where they currently reside. Chip still loves to surf and travels frequently to Nicaragua to catch some waves and check in on McGRAW’s call center and back-office operations as well as the family’s twenty-room boutique resort: La Jolla Nica. Chip is also Director of the St. Augustine District of the Eastern Surfing Association, a non-profit amateur surfing organization, where he works to promote a healthy and active family-oriented lifestyle through amateur surfing events.