Dr. Steven Shepard is a professional author, photographer, audio producer, and educator with more than 40 years in the technology industry. He has written books and articles on a wide variety of topics, including wildlife sound recording, photography, the craft of storytelling, SCUBA diving, and history, as well as a number of children’s books and three novels, one of which became an international bestseller. Steve is also the producer and host of the Natural Curiosity Project Podcast.

Dr. Shepard received his undergraduate degree in Spanish and Romance Philology from the University of California at Berkeley (1976), his Master’s Degree in International Business from St. Mary's College (1985), and his PhD at the Da Vinci Institute in Rivonia, South Africa (2009). He has worked in more than 100 countries, and, thanks to a childhood spent in Spain, is native fluent in Spanish.

He lives in Vermont with his wife Sabine, who has put up with him for more than 45 years.