2006:  Professional Windsurfing Tour (PWA) Rookie of the Year 
2006 & 2007:  2-time PWA Freestyle Vice World Champion
2008 - 2021:  13-time PWA Freestyle World Champion 
2011, 2015-2017, 2021: 5-time PWA Slalom World Champion 
2019 & 2022:  2-time PWA Wave World Champion 
2013:  Knighted in The Order of Orange Nassau 
2014:  Bachelor in Science

Sarah-Quita Offringa is a 20X World Champion in the highly competitive women’s Professional Windsurf World Tour. Her legend is unsurpassed among other female watersports athletes around the globe. We caught up with Sarah-Quita and her long-time training partner Oda Johanne Stokstad Brodholt in order to dive deeper into the details around this pivotal woman of windsurfing and find out how she does it. 

Sarah-Quita Offringa is from Aruba in the Caribbean. As a youngster, she was the type of kid that literally dove into multiple different types of sports, from tap dancing to karate, horseback riding, gymnastics and tennis. She was a dedicated student in all things and school work came easily for her. 
Her brother - Quincy Offringa - was Sarah-Quita’s inspiration to take up windsurfing. He was chasing the pro circuit and Sarah really looked up to him. Together, they were a fiery pair who began to make names for themselves in the professional windsurfing world. 

Later, Svein Rasmussen, lead innovator and CEO at Starboard, discovered Sarah-Quita and Quincy Offringa. He saw their great potential and decided to sponsor them both so they joined the pro kids team. Sarah-Quita was a professional team rider at fourteen years old. When the World Cup was held in the Caribbean in 2003, she began competing. In 2006, she was named the Professional Windsurfing Tour’s Rookie of the Year.  Shortly after that, no one in the field could keep up with her level of dynamic and progressive performance as she began to execute difficult switch and power moves. Sarah-Quita Offringa has helped the sport of windsurfing raise the standard and elevated the level of performance in the female freestyle division in a short time. 

“I’ve been freestyling a lot, and making the most of the conditions I have at home, but after my first couple of jumps in Pozo recently, I realized again how badly I want to learn the double forward and push forward one day. This is my biggest goal in windsurfing at the moment.
I just totally want to push those boundaries for women.”

Sarah-Quita claims the greatest moment of her professional career was winning her first Windsurfing Wave World Title in 2019 on Maui. As she hails from Aruba, an island without many waves, it was not natural nor easy for her to become the world’s best wave riding windsurfer. As an athlete, she put her mind to it and trained like crazy to progress in the surf. Often, she spent months away from home in order to train intensely to become experienced enough to win this title. Her winning is a testament to her effort which is why it is so special for her. 

When not in the water, Sarah-Quita enjoys listening to classical music in the morning while she has her breakfast. Most people at the beach only see the super revved up Sarah-Quita who is always having fun while windsurfing, but she also requires quiet time with her classical music and time alone to recharge from her training and social activities.
Another fun fact is that she likes to base her travel hotel locations close to locations where there is good rated coffee. She is addicted to coffee and not much makes her happier than a perfect macchiato coffee.
Sarah Quita speaks seven languages: English, Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Norwegian. So wherever she travels she can communicate with the locals in their own language.

At home in Aruba it might look like this:
7:30 AM  Morning Gym
11:00 AM Freestyle session
17:00 PM Kite evening session
19:30PM Tennis lesson

Other spots might include:
Morning gym
Freestyle session on low tide
Wave sailing session on incoming tide

Training with her partner Oda Johanna makes Sarah-Quita’s professional training so much more fun that their main issue is that they don’t always rest and recover enough from their sessions.
Oda Johanna says, “Sarah Quita is a 20X World Champion and - where some might lose their down-to-earth vibes - Sarah Quita is the kindest person I know. She is always making sure people around her are OK and having a good time before she thinks of herself. I think Sarah is a World Champion in being a nice human being.”