Chris Bertish dropped by the podcast studio in Montauk, NY on his North American inspirational speaking and book tour for ALL IN:  The Atlantic Standup Paddle Crossing, and offers some rich detail behind this monumental feat. In this episode of On Water, Chris talks about his motivation to paddle the 4050NM across the Atlantic, solo and unsupported, discusses the building of his unique standup paddle craft - the ImpiFish -, the creation of his film from the crossing "Last Known Coordinates and what he is planning next. Chris Bertish is a rare, enigmatic athlete who's drive to succeed at whatever task or project he is working on will inspire you to go bigger, reach further than you have ever dreamed. His passion, commitment and constant desire to give back will have your spidey sense tingling for all the seen and unseen possibilities in your life. Buckle up, it's quite a ride! Follow CB's future projects on his website at or