Jason Latham returns to Cocoa Beach for a solo SUP Surf session in this video by Charles (a.k.a. "Dash") Dasher of Dasher Films. Sit back & mind surf these next few waves... and notice how good that feels.  Thanks, Dash!

On the Road from Georgia:  SUP Surf Film by Dasher Films

Dash jumped in the van for a little road trip surf session down from Georgia to Cocoa Beach with the king of stoke Jason Latham.  Dash's passion for paddle surfing, coupled with his impeccable skill as a camera man makes for a memory provoking short video to help you dream away your quarantine time.

These two - Dash & JLay - are known for their water antics together as the friends travel to surf, pay homage to the environment and enjoy life in a series of videos that will make you drool.  See below.

Barbados jason Latham KeNalu tee

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Thanks for the epic stoke as always, Dash.  Ride on.

Charles Dasher films Jason Latham North Florida Charles Dasher of Dasher Films highlighting local athletes and sharing the stoke in North Florida

JLay’s Video Capture by Dasher Films

Dasher is a Florida based film maker who travels internationally capturing people doing the sports they love. With the unique perspective he has developed, Dasher collaborates with clients to help bring their stories to life.  You can check out more of Dasher’s work on his website www.dasherfilms.com.

More to come. Stay tuned!