Bernd Roediger may be the sport of stand up paddle surfing's most diversified and progressive SUP surfer. Since joining the team at Infinity Surf, Bernd is experimenting with prototype designs alongside master shaper, Dave Boehne. Together, they are shaping boards that give this talented athlete's performance a whole new electricity and diversity. Watch the video below to see his style, performance and humor.

Bernd Shreds West Side Maui on Hook Rail SUP

"I have always been passionate about paddle boarding, but these boards really amplify the enthusiasm!" -Bernd

Exploring new shapes and board designs is nothing new for Bernd Roediger. He's a progressive athlete who enjoys working with new outlines, rail designs and radical shapes. In the above video, he is riding an Infinity SUP hook rail, a performance SUP prototype which we look forward to hearing more about. Watch out for his front side hacks, powerful bottom turns, deep carves and lip slides as he enjoys his favorite surf spot on Maui.