Situated immediately northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia is the confluence of several fjords that make up the beauty of Howe Sound. Surrounded by towering peaks that rise straight out of the sea, Howe Sound showcases this Vancouver recreational waterwayof multiple outdoor activities including stand up paddling, sailing, diving, camping, and hiking.

Howe Sound: Protect What You Love

Watch "Howe Sound", a riveting short film collaboration between Blackfish Paddles and SUP expedition leader Norm Hann. They capture the beauty and majesty of North America's southernmost fjord, highlighting the vulnerability and rarity of this eco-system which is home to orcas, salmon sliding upstream and, of course, humans.

In this film, Blackfish Paddles advocates for the conservation of local marine systems with team rider Norm Hann, SUP athlete and wildlife advocate.

Originally approached by David Smart, owner of Blackfish Paddles, Hann was asked to create a short environmental feature about Howe Sound. Both parties really wanted to showcase the incredible diversity of their home waters in Squamish, B.C. - also home to Blackfish Paddles.

Blackfish-Paddles-Norm-Hann-SUP-Expeditions Norm Hann, owner of Norm Hann Expeditions, specializes throughout British Columbia & Belize. Photo by: Eric Berger

Blackfish Paddles Advocates Preservation of Beautiful Places, B.C.

Blackfish Paddles has already released two additional & impactful short films. Wild Coast is a stunning highlight reel of paddle surfing in Tofino, B.C. Their second film, Push, is focused on stand up paddle racing and the rigors of training in Northern Vancouver.

Howe Sound continues their legacy of creating well-crafted environmental footage in the realm of stand up paddling, and SUP expedition leader Norm Hann gives gorgeous detail to the battles this body of water faces every day.

Sit back, enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of nature. Howe Sound is a reminder to be vigilant to the changing tides of our times and how each one of us is accountable for the protection of beautiful spaces that we use for recreation.