Christian Anderson of Kitmoeller, the "Cold Hawaii" of Denmark, has been an apprentice to world champion paddle athlete Casper Steinfath since an early age. Christian's recent victory at the ISA Junior World SUP Racing Championships launches him onto the larger playing field and as competitor to his mentor. The relationship between the two remains unfazed. Here's a look at Christian's rise from his cold water roots to the man he is today.

Fanatic SUP Team Rider:  Christian Anderson, the Polar Bear

Christian Anderson has been on a rise for some time. Chasing and training his mentor Casper Steinfath and surfing the waters of Kitmoeller, Denmark together gives Christian an edge that will only motivate him in one direction:  Success.

"Stand up paddling is my passion.  I think it's the freedom of the ocean. I've had so many great moments from the ocean. It's given me so much."

Christian Anderson Casper Steinfath ISA Junior SUP World Champion Denmark In a moment to be remembered, Casper Steinfath hoists Christian Anderson high after his Junior World Championship win for SUP Racing at the ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championships in 2019. Photo by: Ben Reed.

His 2019 win at the ISA Junior SUP World Championships and his 4th place finish at 2019's treacherous Red Bull Heavy Water adds his fiery presence to every event where he inches closer to the Top 3 is a testament to how far this young Dane has come ... and a beacon to show just where he's headed.

This dynamic video by Fanatic SUP and filmed by Stu Howells (@paddlestu) gives the background on young Christian's relationship with Casper, shows the range of talent this young team rider has and his passion for the ocean. It is the first of Fanatic's new Waterman Series of videos. We look forward to the next installment.