He's everywhere. Have you seen Blurr? Last we heard, Blurr a.k.a Dave Boehne, lead shaper at Infinity Surf and Infinity SUP was barking at the moon after having surfed the revered Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch back in June. Are we jealous? You bet we are.

Dave Boehne Visits The Surf Ranch:  "Like a Dream come True"

The 700-yard long wave pool known as The Surf Ranch found in Lemoore, California is co-owned and operated by the Kelly Slater Wave Co and the World Surf League. It is revered as a man-made wave machine that churns out flawless, manufactured waves at the rate of about one every three minutes. Considered to be a source of a near perfect wave, its ability to mirror what previously has only been found in nature is the stuff of legends. Getting an opportunity to spend the day there is a 'drop everything and go' moment. Watch the video above to get a first hand experience of the magic.

Part I:  What we love about Blurr's pre-launch video is his description of the boards he's taking. Surf, SUP, Tombstone. Varying sizes, which one's his brother made. As always, Blurr's usual mode of surf talk is sheer stoke and deep knowledge of board design. Check it out.

Part II:  1st Wave of the Day goes to ... Blurr! Upon arrival, Boehne gets the super glassy, coveted 1st ride at the world's most exclusive theme park. Who does he thank?  Erik Logan, the new CEO of the WSL who secured his place at the lineup at the Ranch. How does he do? You'll have to watch to find out, but let's just say "cover up" doesn't refer to what he's wearing when he gets out of the pool.

Part III:  Boehne rides his SUP at The Ranch. Blurr defies convention and rides his next session on his Infinity Blurrv2 SUP. The wave is fast & tricky. He winds up taking a wave on the head. His recommendation?  "Don't put your butt in the face." Got it.

Part IV:  Pure Stoke. Blurr puts it together and you see the magic really unfold. Energy, skill and equipment, all in the highest man-made surf experience ever. Wave after wave after wave in the magic kingdom of Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch wave pool.  A dream come true. And then some.