Did you know that Iran hosts an International SUP Team?

Alireza yahyapour Masrouri Iran

Iran International SUP Team

Meet Alireza yahayapour Masrouri, member of the Iranian International SUP Team and paddleboard instructor.  Alireza recently placed No. 6 in the 6km race at the first Asia SUP Championship in China in 2019.

"Time is limited, so don't waste time living someone else's life!" - Alireza

President of the I.R. Iran Surfing Association President, Alireza Rostami, said:

“In the short time that the I.R. Iran Surfing Association has been a part of the ISA we have been able to take giant steps in developing and promoting the sports of SUP and Surfing in Iran. I have to give a special thanks to ISA President Fernando Aguerre for his leadership, vision, and tremendous support in helping us to push towards the goals we set when we started on this journey.

Rostami continues, “SUP and Surfing are relatively new sports in Iran, but they are among the fastest growing sports in the country and we think many young people will soon be enjoying them on the lakes, rivers, and sea in Iran.”

Learn more about SUP racing and surfing competitions in Iran at:  @irsurfing.  You can follow Alireza on Instagram @alireza_ypm

Aloha, Alireza!