Ever dreamt of a life connected to your passions and closer to the water? Meet one family who sold off everything, and took to the road to reconnect to what felt truly important to them: the Wanderpreneurs. Get motivated to make our best life happen AND enter to WIN a FREE paddleboard from Surftech to get the dream started!  Curious?

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Wanderpreneurs Surftech inflatable SUP giveaway A family of four that sold their home and hit the road to find adventure and a deeper connection to each other, the Wanderpreneurs. What makes you happy?

The Wanderpreneurs: An Ordinary Family Who Chose a Different Perspective 

Who are the Wanderpreneurs? In this case, it is a creative family of four that decided to hit the road for RV living as a way to slow down, spend more time together and reestablish family bonds. To date, they are three years into the experience and having the time of their lives! 

Meet Aaron (38), wife Lauren (41), and children, Casen (11) and Calista (9). Together, this family of four make up the RV living, “road schooled”, documenteurs that are the Wanderpreneurs. Check out this story and how YOU can win a paddleboard to create your own next adventure! 

Wanderpreneurs Surfteach inflatable SUP giveaway Life on the road certainly makes these guys happy! Are you next? Enter for a chance to win. Photo: @the.wanderpreneurs

Ditch & Roam:  Life on the Road

Before hitting the road together, the Wanderpreneurs lived in a suburb of Atlanta. This family, like so many others, appeared to be living the American dream. They lived in a nice house with two nice cars in the garage, and lived in a great community where both Casen and Calista attended good schools. And yet….something felt off. Do you feel me? 

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Their daily lives began to feel overly rushed. Constantly being pulled in different directions by sports, school, work and friends the foursome struggled to find time for the things they felt were important to them as a family. Less time hiking and in the water, and less time spent all together as a family were taking a toll. Lauren (the mom) already was inspired by and followed several families who were exploring the choice of RV living on Instagram and she had an idea…

After a family summit meeting, it was decided that their dream of living their best lives could look totally different and all four agreed to make some big changes to make a new dream come true. 

Surftech wanderpreneurs inflatabe sup stand up paddleboarding Taking time to immerse in nature is a critical part of learning how to slow down. Do you regularly schedule your outdoor time? Photo: @the.wanderpreneurs

How to Make a Go at RV Living as a Family of Four 

Only three months after actually birthing the idea, The Wanderpreneurs launched their new dream in November of 2018. Lauren researched everything she could on RV living. Aaron already worked remotely as a website builder and marketer so his transition to mobile living was fairly easy. Lauren, a professional photographer, embraced the role of documenting their travels on their new blog and Instagram account. They rented the house, sold the cars, and unloaded a TON of personal possessions. After paring down their lives, they settled on their travel rig and hit the road! 

There are so many ways to slow down and declutter our lives. Simplifying our lives by getting rid of things gave us more quality time to spend with each other and with people. Having less stuff, we are less distracted and more able to focus on what is important to us as a family.” 

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Quickly, this dream team which included a website builder and digital marketer (Aaron) plus Lauren’s great talent for capturing their daily living in an upbeat and innovative way built their online platforms.Today, thanks to Lauren’s fun-filled and informative photography on RV living plus Aaron’s marketing savvy @the.wanderpreneurs have over 41K followers on Instagram!

In addition, Lauren soon discovered they could partner with different brands like Surftech to support their lifestyle. She now also enjoys writing for multiple websites and her photography skills are still in demand by brands that want the Wanderpreneurs to showcase their equipment in their RV lifestyle. It’s a win-win for everybody! 

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Redefining Your Future:  Surftech Offers a Chance to WIN

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Words of Inspiration from The Wanderpreneurs: 

We get a lot of joy out of inspiring others to change their way of thinking. We encourage you to get outside more and think about things from a new perspective. What are your passions? If there are things keeping you from what you want to be doing, don’t be afraid to make major changes. Is it scary? Sure. But, so worth it!” - Lauren 

Be sure to follow these folks on IG @the.wanderpreneurs. They are always open to answering questions, and YES, they completely recommend bringing a paddleboard on all your outdoor adventures. Exploring the world by water is a great way to find a new perspective. 

Wanderpreneurs Surftech stand up paddle inflatable giveaway We wish you a life of adventure, tranquility and time spent with family (or alone) on the water, always. Photo: @the.wanderpreneurs

Good Vibes from Surftech

"Honestly, the best part of making surfboards and SUPs is placing them under real people's feet and seeing the experiences they have with the boards. Every time we see the family paddling the blue-green waters of the Sea of Cortez with big smiles on their faces, typically a small ocean creature swimming below, we feel fulfilled. Not only because our hard work and products are in a small way allowing @the.wanderpreneurs family to endeavor on these great ocean experiences, but also because they are creating stories we think will inspire you to get out there and create your own aquatic adventures." – Surftech