Mustang Survival announces their acquisition of Ocean Rodeo dry wear in a strategic move as they pursue the growth in action watersports dry wear. This is exciting news!

Mustand Survival Dry Suit winter paddling Mustang Survival merges with dry wear expert Ocean Rodeo to become the industry leader in marine dry wear & equipment.

Mustang Survival + Ocean Rodeo = Quality Marine Adventure Gear

Burnaby, BC Mustang Survival®, the favorite North American brand known for innovative solutions, paddling gear and dry wear for the most demanding marine environments proudly announced their acquisition of the Ocean Rodeo's Dry Wear business. The Ocean Rodeo product line will be merged into Mustang Survival's recreational and professional dry suits and apparel. Consequently, this is a merger of great proportions as both innovative companies now come under one roof.

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California-based Wing Group, a leading manufacturer of inflatable sponsons, small combat craft, whitewater rafting solutions, life rafts, and marine doors and windows, facilitated the recent acquisition of Ocean Rodeo. It's sole purpose is the growth of their recreational watersports portfolio, including stand up paddling. The move deepens the dry wear product lineup as Mustang Survival works towards becoming a global marketplace presence.

Mustang Survival womens dry suit winter paddling Mustang's recently released women-specific dry wear line will enhance the heady array of talent and innovation brought on board by Ocean Rodeo's designs and apparel.

Mustang Survival: High Quality Line of Dry Suits, Gear and Apparel

The combined forces of Ocean Rodeo Dry Wear with Mustang Survival deeply enhance the offerings in recreational watersports dry wear.  In addition to Ocean Rodeo's impressive product line, Mustang Survival also acquires interest in the impressive portfolio of intellectual property that the team of designers, developers, and engineers at Mustang will utilize in a larger way as the trusted leader in innovative dry wear solutions from off-shore sailing, kayak angling, paddling, and commercial marine. Also, the acquisition and Mustang’s push into recreational watersports will be complimented by a large investment into grass roots marketing and diving deep into our communities.

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At the core, Mustang Survival and Ocean Rodeo have a deeply shared commitment to technology and innovation.  Our dry wear solutions are tried and tested in the deep cold of the Pacific Northwest. We know what it takes to build world-class, premium dry wear solutions for the most demanding consumers in the world. This acquisition is a catalyst to drive us forward and achieve our vision of becoming a worldwide watersports brand in active dry wear.- Mustang Survival President, Jason Leggatt

Mustang Survival dry bags winter paddling Already respected within the marine sports industry for their top-of-the-line dry bags, gear and dry suits, Mustang now adds to their product line with designs from Ocean Rodeo.

The Wing Group led by President and CEO Andrew Branagh has been expanding its core product offering and reach through acquisitions aligned with its values and mission. Speaking about the recent acquisition, “Ocean Rodeo represented an incredible opportunity to become more relevant in the active watersports market. Combining the Mustang Survival Brand, DNA and product, together with Ocean Rodeo technology we can now offer a full assortment of dry wear solutions to increase the commercial appeal to a broader selection of customers”.

Smooth Transition & Knowledgeable Staff

Mustang Survival is currently working with all Ocean Rodeo Dry Wear customers and suppliers to ensure a smooth business transition. New products are to be showcased and sold via the Mustang website. All customer service and operations of the business will be handled by Mustang Survival's knowledgeable and customer based teams going forward.

Mustang Survival dry suits winter paddling Performance-based life vests, quality dry bags for any weather and other products have already made Mustang Survival a leader in the watersports industry.

About Mustang Survival

Established in 1967 by Irv Davies, the inventor of the world’s first Floater™ Coat, Mustang Survival has been designing and manufacturing lifesaving solutions for more than 50 years.  Through constant innovation and inspired technical solutions, Mustang Survival strives to bolster performance, encourage exploration, and inspire adventure in the marine environment. Committed to the protection and enhancement of those who push themselves to extremes whether for work, duty, or to escape the daily grind, Mustang Survival is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

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Mustang Survival. Saving lives since 1967.

Mustang Survival dry suit stand up paddling

About The Wing Group

The Wing Group is privately owned and led by President and CEO Andrew Branagh. It includes Wing Inflatables, Henshaw Inflatables, Patten Company, FabTek Industries and Mustang Survival.  The Wing Group is an industry leader in manufacturing sponsons, inflatable craft, and much more. For over 30 years Wing’s first in the field innovative use of polyurethane and pioneering new technology led to the development of sponsons and boats that are lighter, last longer, look better and outperform the competition. The Wing Group builds an unparalleled reputation for providing professional inflatables solutions whether for a private yacht management company requiring expeditionary crafts, a military detachment operating a fixed-wing airframes requiring automatically deployed personnel life rafts, or special forces units that depend on the best performing combat rubber raiding craft.