We are so proud of our friends at Sea Lion iSUP.  The integrity within their brand is practiced and shows true effort towards sustainability. Sea Lion Boards are gorgeous and they make every effort to protect the planet.  Check this out:

Sea Lion SUP boards sustainability Neoprene free boards & leashes reduces CO2 footprint and puts energy back into the environment they're made to function in. Plus, Bloom Foam deck technology looks & feels great! Photo by: @sup.la.vie

Sea Lion Boards:  Eco-Progressive Inflatable SUPs

Sea Lion Boards launches one of the most deeply impressive eco-progressive lines of inflatable stand up paddle boards, paddles and accessories the world has yet to see. This brand is designed and manufactured with both the planet and paddler in mind.

"We are crazy about every aspect of stand up paddle boarding and have a serious crush

on the environment."

SEA LION paddleboards British Columbia Seeking fellow water lovers! Sea Lion board are growing their tribe for riders who believe we are accountable for the environment we SUP in. Photo by: @sup.la.vie

How do Sea Lion Boards protect the environment?

NEOPRENE FREE & YULEX:  At Sea Lion Boards, every paddle board, bag and leash is neoprene free and grab handles and ankle cuffs made out of durable, comfortable Yulex, an FCS certified natural rubber from Guatemala.  This well-crafted design reduces CO2 emitted in the manufacturing product by 80% when compared to conventional neoprene. That's amazing!

Sea Lion's Mission:  Inspire Adventure on Water and create a

closer connection to the very places we paddle.

Why? Because they need to be protected.

Sea Lion iSUP Yulex Leash Yulex cuffs & grab handles made from certified rubber from Guatemala makes every detail on these boards sustainable. Photo by: @sup.la.vie

BLOOM FOAM DECK PADS:  Each board results in over 2,000 liters of fresh water being returned to its environment as well as 200 balloons of CO2 kept from entering the atmosphere through Sea Lion's Bloom Foam deck pads. By using Bloom Foam technology, the brand seeks to keep natural ecologies in balance and offset the use of petroleum used in traditional deck pads throughout the industry.

ECO-PADDLES:  Sea Lion designed a lineup of eco-paddles using FCS balsa wood cores with authentic wood veneers, plant based resins and environmental flax/carbon for the perfect combo of power, flex and durability.  Not to mention, each paddle is unique and drop-dead gorgeous.

Sea Lion stand up paddles Balsa core paddles with authentic wood veneers make every paddle unique with an eco-progressive punch. Photo by: @sup.la.vie

Board Designs for Every Paddler: Catch the Wave on Sustainability

From a fun-filled family day on the water, to an overnight camping adventure, Sea Lion Boards manufactures inflatable paddle boards for every type of paddler. Check it out:

Tasman:  Ultimate Touring

12'6 x 32" x 6"

Otago:  All In One

10'6 x 33" x 6"

Rapoka:  Quiver Killer

11' x 32" x 6"

You can check out the FULL lineup of boards HERE:


Sea Lion ISUP From board to bag, accessories and paddle, this line up is one you can feel good about on your next adventure on the water. Photo by: @sup.la.vie

With an iSUP bag made from recycled water bottles, the Sea Lion SUP bag is carefully constructed to carry everything a paddler needs both on and off the water, including 3-piece paddle, board, pump, fin and quick-fix kit. Wheels, for easy transfer through the airport or carry it on your back or in the trunk of your car.

Each board comes with an eco-leash including a Yulex cuff and recycled PET water bottle webbing.  You will always be connected to the environment with your Sea Lion iSUP.

Sea Lion iSUP paddle boards Congrats to Sea Lion for joining the tribe at 1% for the Planet with a commitment of profit to the preservation of our environment! Photo by: @sup.la.vie

Sea Lion's Commitment:  1% for the Planet

Sea Lion's team consists of three individuals from different sides of our planet connected by a common goal of inspiring people to paddle and adventure. At the same time, they are showing the SUP community that things can be done differently in the manufacturing process.

Every product Sea Lion develops uses the most sustainable inputs available on the market and is manufactured for purpose to withstand the environment we play in.  Oh yes, and they give back to that same environment through 1% for the Planet.  Sea Lion Boards is proud to be growing a tribe of paddlers who support the lifestyle that we not only paddle but help to protect our waters as well.

Call for North American Ambassadors!

Want to be a part of the tribe?  Sea Lion Boards are looking for a healthy, committed, passionate band of paddlers to represent the North American tribe.  If you feel like YOU could bring more power to their commitment, or passion to their product, contact Sea Lion through their Instagram Page or Website. See below.  Let's get to paddling!

To learn more about Sea Lion Boards:

Check out their Website

Follow their Facebook Page

or Instagram account.

Bravo, Sea Lion!  We salute you for your sustainable practices!  Aloha.