Watch the Thébault family celebrate their generations of watersports and wing foil athletes in gorgeous Guadeloupe, Mexico in this short - but mesmerizing - video. Be inspired by their unwavering passion and commitment to the watersports they love. 

Welcome to the Thébault Family from Guadeloupe, where each family member shares a passion for wing foiling and other watersports. Meet everyone from young Eulalie to the grandparents:  this is a family of waterlovers!  Weekends are dedicated to wing foiling –of course, once the kids finish their homework. Discover this inspiring family where a love for watersports spans generations. Mahé, Arthur, and Eulalie are future champions dedicated to mastering the waves. Join them as we explore their world, balancing school, work, and the great pursuit of waterborne thrills. Witness their daily routines, training sessions, and contented moments on the water, showcasing their enthusiasm and determination within the wing and foiling community. Get ready to be inspired by a passion and commitment to waves!


Sebastian Thébault, father of Arthur and Eulalie reflects, “We knew Arthur Samzun was coming to Guadeloupe to film the boys, originally planning to focus on their cousins Arthur and Mahé. However, it very quickly became a full family affair. Our goal was to showcase Gwada’s most beautiful watersports spots despite the fickle wind and wave conditions, often riding in the light winds typical for Guadeloupe. Arthur Samzun’s footage is froth-worthy. He has the boys foiling just centimeters from his camera for amazing water shots to be remembered. The joy of wing foiling is multiplied when shared with family –there’s nothing better!”