At 53 years old, Jessica Crisp just captured the crown at the venerated Aloha Classic windsurf event at Ho’okipa on Maui’s north shore. From vision to execution, this was an outstanding performance.

Jessica Crisp Maria Andreas IWT international windsurfing wave tour A great moment for all involved as Jessica Crisp (1st place) celebrates her victory with Sarah Hauser (2nd place) and Maria Andreas (3rd place) at the Aloha Classic on Maui. Photo: @fishbowldiaries

Jessica Crisp Proves Age is Just a Number at Aloha Classic

At 53 years old, Jessica Crisp just captured the crown at the venerated Aloha Classic, the 2022 International Windsurfing Wave Tour's finals event at Ho’okipa on Maui’s north shore.  A younger generation nipping at her heels but who were unable to catch Crisp in the Final were Sarah Hauser and Maria Andreas, both of whom are outstanding waterwomen and athletes in their own right. Angela Cochran also took fourth place in the final.

Maybe inspired by Kelly Slater’s capturing the Pipeline Master’s Pro victory earlier this year only weeks before his 50th birthday, both Crisp and Cochran decided to make a run in this year’s International Windsurfing Wave Tour.  What resulted here at the Aloha Classic were performances that left onlookers with jaws dropped and the stoke level high. None of these athletes made it to that final with soft riding. The entire women’s field was pushing the hell out of themselves and each other. These are women who rip, every one of ‘em.

Aloha Classic IWT windsurfing wave tour Maui Each woman's performance was outstanding leaving the judges and beachside viewers with mouths agape and the energy level at an all-time high in Ho'okipa. Photo: @fishbowldiaries

Legends on IWT:  Crisp, Cochran & Seman Give Full Send on Tour

Both legends in their prime, Crisp and Cochran decided to see if they still ‘had it’ on tour. Their mentality was, “Let’s just have fun. Let’s just ride waves and live a little!”  And then, they busted down the door, letting the world know they are still in the game with skills, experience and drive on their side. What a performance. 

Another legend to rejoin the tour this year is Jane Seman from Margaret River in western Oz. Seman put herself clearly in the game this year with her attacking style at the legendary Cloudbreak. She is devastatingly good on powerful left handers due to her years of charging the mighty Margaret River. Going right at Ho’okipa for the Aloha Classic, she showed similar prowess but was just edged out of the final by Sarah Hauser (1st in Semi-final) and Anne-Maria Reichman (2nd in Semi-final). 

Aloha Classic IWT windsurfing world tour Ho'okipa Maui Maria Andreas fought hard for her podium placement but could not stop the power of Jessica Crisp on her way to the top. Photo: @fishbowldiaries

This exciting showdown was a performance for all ages to sit up and take notice. These women are an inspiration and they are fierce. What happens next will be worth watching.