Are you a well versed wind and wave athlete who is competent across several watersports disciplines?  Do you love travel, camaraderie, beachside celebrations and showing up to live your best life? Then, the Master of the Ocean, to be held in Cabarete, Dominican Republic on February 22 - 26th, 2024 is where you'll find your tribe and competitive fire for good times.  Let's get to it.


This unique 5-discipline event is a fantastic fusion of wind and watersports. Master of the Ocean draws top athletes from around the globe to compete across the disciplines of kitesurfing, wing foiling, SUP surfing, windsurfing and prone surfing to achieve the coveted title.  Teams are also hugely welcomed where team riders - including at least one female - compete in their discipline of choice to go after the team title of "Master of the Ocean".  

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This isn't just a competition, it's a celebration of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wingfoiling and stand up paddlling against a backdrop of breathtaking coastal beauty.  Competitors and spectators alike are immersed in the Dominican culture, food and community during the five days of competition including a giant blow-out closing party held on Independence Day for the Domincan Republic! The competition is powered by the Happy Dolphins non-profit, giving back to the local community and building towards a net zero event in 2025.

In previous years, notable athletes including Zane Schweitzer, Brian Talma, Anton Cozzolino, Fiona Wylde, Bobo Gallagher and others have arrived on the sand in Cabarete to chase the title. In addition, individuals and teams from around the world show up for the camaraderie, competition and beach culture celebration that happens every year at the Master of the Ocean event. You never know who might turn up.  Maybe this year it will be ... you?

Master of the Ocean also partners with elite waterman Brian Talma with his now famous Beach Culture World Tour and Talma himself - also a Master of the Ocean champion -  will award a competitor showing the most 'humanity' both on and off the water the title of Beach Culture World Tour champion for 2024.  Altogether, this is a celebration of community, ocean watersports, beach culture and high octane athleticism.  

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Come, enjoy the week in Cabarete on February 22 - 26, 2024 and become a part of this landmark watersports event. Session Magazine will be on the sand and in the water cheering for you!

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See you on the water.