"This is the story of turning a huge problem into a hat brim." Watch this short video about how a small company like Bureo, takes on the challenge of converting discarded fishing nets into recycled products like skateboard decks, frames for sunglasses, surfboard fins and now Patagonia's hat brims. This process removes thousands of pounds of plastic debris from our marine environment. It educates individuals around the world regarding the plastics problem that is currently upsetting our ocean's balance.

Bureo & Patagonia Create Partnership: Ocean Nets to Hat Brims

In an exciting partnership with Bureo, Patagonia’s hat brims are now to be made with 100% traceable fishnets. These fishnets, formerly discarded by fishermen by cutting and dropping, will be revamped to create sustainable new products. This is an all-time first for Patagonia, and the apparel industry. In one year, this swap to Bureo's patented NetPlus material equates to a savings of more than 35 tons of virgin plastic. Even better, your worn out hats can be returned through Patagonia’s Worn Wear program where old brims are removed and combined with fishing nets to be turned into new brims.

"Fishermen depend on these nets to sustain their way of life. With limited access to waste management, sadly many of these nets can be left in the marine environment." - Ben Kneppers

Discarded Marine Debris Provides Raw Material for Bureo Products

In Bureo's upcycling process, collected nets are sorted, cleaned and recycled into a 100% recycled fishnet pellet. This raw material is suitable for an infinite amount of recycled products. Bureo calls the material NetPlus. It is the only material on the market sourced entirely from recycled fishing nets. NetPlus materials are 100% traceable back to the communities where the nets were used & discarded. Through this traceable program, Bureo is able to supply highly consistent raw material and create a tangible solution to the problem of fishnet waste through education, action and beach clean ups.

"40 years ago, plastic-based fishing nets arrived. When a net like this is discarded, it can last for 100 years in that marine environment."

Currently, Patagonia has the  rights to this material for the next two seasons. However, starting in Jan 2021, Bureo will open their technology up to other eco-progressive brands. Imagine this: the hat market is roughly $461 million globally. Now, envision the positive impact for the planet if more hat suppliers used Bureo’s NetPlus material for their brims.

Pretty positive, huh?

Live Interview Today on Patagonia Surf Instagram

Tune in LIVE TODAY to hear Bureo’s success story! Today July 6th, 2020 at 4PM (PST) journalist and podcast host @kyle_tman will interview Bureo co-founder Ben Kneppers for an education session on Instagram Live: @patagonia_surf.

From pulling plastic fishing nets out of the ocean to turning the material into hat brims for an environmentally conscious, mega-brand like Patagonia.  We love success stories that save the planet!  Bureo, we salute YOU.