Dave Boehne couldn't resist. He was determined to stick to board & foils. And then... someone took him out for a wing session. Next, the new Infinity Fly Wing finds it's way into the lineup at Infinity Surf in Dana Point and is shipped worldwide.

Infinity Fly Wing Makes Splash on the Market

Infinity's new wing is distinctive in its shape which provides maximum power. The 4.2 meter wing functions & feels more like a standard 5 meter wing according to your hand positions. Designed specifically for power, the Fly Wing is constructed using a very rigid shape while still being super lightweight and high quality.

Beyond that, it looks rad with the black & white Infinity colors flying and options for windows to can see through your wing as you fly!

Infinity Fly Wing photos

Specs & Deets:  Options for Sizing:

What's in the case?

The Infinity Fly Wing arrives on your doorstep in a package including:

Air pump

Carrying case

Repair kit

Size Options available:





Manufacturer's Retail Cost:  $650-$800



Infinity Fly Wing foil board tombstone on the water Combined with the Infinity Tombstone foil board, this wing is ready to take flight!

Get Ready for Flight!

Infinity is confident that the optimal flying combination is marrying the Fly Wing with Infinity's Tombstone foil board for maximum power, lift and stoke value. Fall & winter winds are gonna get good. Order now!

Product Ships in December!

Any questions?  Reach out to: dave@infinitysurf.com