The Bluefin 10'8 Cruise Inflatable SUP (with kayak seating attachment) comes ready to go in it’s kit upon delivery. The Cruise kit includes what you need to get out on the water as soon as the package arrives!

Bluefin Cruises inflatabel stand up paddleboard on water photo Guiseppe Chironi Everything you need for a quick paddle getaway all in one, easy-to-manage backpack. Get ready to adventure on your Bluefin SUP. Photo by: Guiseppe Chironi

Bluefin SUP 10'8" Cruise Kit contains:

10'8” inflatable SUP



Carry Bag

3 Fins (1 center fin and 2 side bites)

3-piece adjustable paddle // can be converted from SUP to kayak paddle

Kayak conversion seat

Waterproof phone case

Minor repair case

Board Specs:

Length:  10’8’’

Width:      32’’

Thickness:  6’’

Rider Capacity (lbs):  200 lbs solo paddler recommended weight

330 lbs max weight

Recommended Inflation:  15 to 18 psi

Fins:              Tri-fin, snap-lock fin setup

Paddle Type:   Fiberglass shaft + polyurethane blade

Four piece construction with two paddle blades

Construction:  ESL Military Grade PVC construction

Bluefin Cruise inflatable stand up paddleboard photo Guiseppe Chironi water Whether you're paddle boarding or kayaking, the Bluefin Cruise can put you on the water in style. Sleek design + quality construction. Photo by: Guiseppe Chironi

10'8 BlueFin Cruise Board features

The Bluefin 10’8’’ Cruise inflatable SUP kit has features including the following:

  • ESL Construction:  ESL construction gives this Bluefin 10’8’’ durability that is both easy to paddle while also maintaining a lighter weight board than epoxy hard SUPs. Design includes 11,200 internal stitches for a drop-stitch core well protected by a super strong military grade PVC composite.
  • 10 D-Rings + Action Mount: Multiple D-rings on the Bluefin 10’8’’ Cruise open options for a myriad of SUP accessories including: dry-bags, leashes, phone cases, and more. On the nose is an action mount for use with GoPro cameras, speakers, or Speed Coach.
  • Removable Nose Bungee Cargo Area + Grab Handles:  A removable nose in the cargo area with daily chain bungee straps is perfect for storing coolers, food containers, and other small or medium sized boxes. Side bungees offer extra padding and reinforcement as well.  Gives passengers something to hold onto while you explore the local waters!  Cords can be removed for added deck space.
  • Triple carry handles:  Triple carry handle options makes the Cruise 10'8" easy to carry and transport. Paddlers can carry this SUP from the center handle or get a buddy to help by carrying from the nose and tail handles.
  • Raised kick pad:  Bluefin's Cruise 10'8 makes learning a step back kick turn easier by offering a raised kick pad to leverage with your foot. Once on the kick pad, paddlers have the support needed to push the tail down, raise the nose and neatly turn the board, all without ever having to look down.
  • Thermosealed Croco-Diamond Deckpad:  Great deck pad! The crocodile skin and  diamond pattern texture improves traction in order for paddlers to be slip-free while navigating on the paddleboard. Bluefin's sharp design will also guard and hide stains that may accumulate over time spent on the water.

Bluefin cruise inflatable sup with tie downs nose on water photo Guiseppe Bring a quick lunch, water, or other paddle accessories with Bluefin's strap system to support the adventurer in you. Photo by: Guiseppe Chironi

Personal Review:  My Take on the BlueFin Cruise 10'8" Inflatable

The Bluefin Cruise 10'8" carrying case is large enough to hold the entire kit, and includes padded backpack straps, adjustable side tension straps and a waist belt.

The first thing I noticed was how well everything fit into the case and how comfortable it is to carry backpack style. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded, and the side tension straps plus waist belt make for an easy trip from the car to the lake or the beach. There is enough room to carry a PFD in the main compartment, which also holds the board, pump and leash. The outside compartment holds the paddle components and fins with room for a water bottle and a few protein bars.

Bluefin Cruise inflatable paddleboard kit backpack photo by cynthia somewhere Easy to carry backpack with padded straps make getting to the water a cinch!  Photo by: @Cynthia.Somewhere

The Bluefin Cruise features include a great, non-skid deck with kick tail, camera mount, daisy chain tie down straps and convenient carrying handles for the board in the center, front and back. Aesthetically, this board is a looker! The blue/white/gray/black color scheme looks great on the water. This board also has a great shape and design. It is both sleek and stylish.

Once out of the bag, the Cruise inflates quickly in just over a minute. The air pump is sturdy, ergonomic and has a feature that when the board is almost fully inflated, it propels air through both the up and the down pumps. All valves fit securely, and when I disconnected the pump, minimal air escaped. This can often be a problem with inflatable paddleboards and wings, but the Bluefin Cruise lost next to none.

Bluefin Cruise inflatable paddleboard photo by Cynthina Somewhere Either a stand up paddle blade or double bladed kayak paddle, the adjustable blade system from Bluefin is ready to fit your needs. Photo by: @cynthia.somewhere

Logging in Miles on BlueFin Cruise

I took the Cruise out both on a local lake, and in the ocean on a relatively flat day. This board is very stable and tracks well. I was happy to find turns initiate quickly and smoothly without any of the mushy feeling underfoot experience of many other inflatables. This board handled well in a little bit of chop on the ocean without much bounce and cut through the water the lake as well as any cruising hard construction paddle board.

As a 30+ year 'yaker, I was interested to see how the Cruise would function in kayak mode. The attachable seat was quick to pop in and was easily adjustable. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Cruise operated additionally as a kayak mode. It handled itself smoothly through both in calm waters and through chop. Turning and changing direction happened quickly and easily.

Bluefin Cruise inflatable SUP kayak attachment Cruise with kayak seat attachement   Photo by: Jeff Morrison

The 10'8 Cruise is ideally suited for individuals under 200 lbs and is an efficient family paddleboard as it is well made, durable and easily stored/transported. The bottom line is that the Cruise is a great on flat water for lakes, rivers and ponds and the ocean on a calm day.

This board's list price of only $599 is an excellent great deal when considering the quality of construction, well designed carrying case, adjustable and convertible paddle with kayak seat attachment.  So, for the cost of one, you really get two water vehicles!  I'd say go for it.

Bluefin SUP Cruise kit inflatable paddleboard on water photo Guiseppe Chironi Ticket to Ride:  Let's get to paddling!  Photo by: Guiseppe Chironi

Written by, Jeff Morrison

Bluefin:  Family Owned Brand from United Kingdom

Bluefin is owned and operated by a family of water sports enthusiasts out of West Yorkshire, England. They arrived here after years exploring the Southern Uplands off the coast of Scotland. William Vaughan and his partner Charlotte originally founded the company as Bluefin Kayaks, but with time expanded into paddleboards as well.  Their primary focus is on producing high-quality,  and lightweight designs for every type of paddler. The 2020 line of Bluefin paddleboards includes ten unique shapes and sizes that will accommodate beginners, intermediate, and advanced paddlers alike.

Bluefin can be recommended for their warranty policies and customer support. The 2022 Bluefin Cruise 10’8’’ is protected by a 5-year warranty to covers all damage, outside of normal wear and tear, that occurs while using this paddleboard. Plus, Bluefin offers free shipping within the United States and many parts of Europe. There are paid shipping options for other countries throughout the world. It has been great working with Bluefin and  upbeat, pleasant staff who are quick to answer any questions. I am happy to  recommend Bluefin as a company.