Imagine a paddle race with the iconic backdrop of the Navy SEAL Training Facility at Coronado in California. Envision the level of competition and camaraderie that unfolds when competing on the same waters as the actual Navy SEAL training facility. Now, put yourself there for the first time ever as the SEAL Family Foundation hosts the inaugural "Around the World" Paddle Classic on April 13, 2024.  Open to the public.

Watch this video about the "Around the World" Paddle Classic:

Around the World Paddle Classic Open to All Paddlers

This one-of-a-kind paddle race is hosted by the SEAL Family Foundation in support of the families of active duty US Navy SEALS, Special Warfare Combat Crew (SWCC) and the Gold Star family members who have lost a SEAL or SWCC. The event is open to all competitors on stand up paddleboards, kayaks, surfskis and canoes to compete on a 3-mile course alongside the facility and includes a premiere 13-mile long course race circumnavigation of Coranado Island for teams in seven inflatable boats (or "IBS's" as SEALs call them) just as the Navy SEAL candidates do on the 4th night of Hell Week in SEAL training.

On April 13th, you can experience the challenge of competing alongside active duty members and their families in a race to be remembered. Challenge yourself, meet up with the paddling community, and - most importantly - have fun while helping the families of our nation’s active duty Naval Special Warfare forces, the SEALs and the SWCCs.

The Race Courses

3-mile sprint course: Open to all stand up paddleboards (SUP’s), kayaks, canoes and surfskis. To add to the meyhem, this short course also includes both single and tandem divisions.


13-mile long course:  Open only for teams of seven in inflatable boats. Teams will circumnavigate Coronado Island just as Navy SEAL candidates do on Thursday night of Hell Week in SEAL training. 



Registration is open now.  Races take place on Saturday morning, April 13, 2024. Long course starts at 0700 and short course starts at 0900. Don't be late.


Come paddle in Coronado, California, the home of the US Navy SEALs. You’ll be paddling the same waters where SEAL training takes place for our nation’s maritime commandos.

Be a part of something great:  
Over the past 13 years the SEAL Family Foundation has provided more than $14 million in direct support to Naval Special Warfare families. You can be a part of the Foundation’s mission helping these dedicated warriors and their families.

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Since World War II, the Hell Week's “Around the World” has been used to test the determination, endurance and teamwork of SEAL candidates on their fourth night of around-the-clock training. The idea of building the “Around the World" race benefiting the SEAL Family Foundation and opening the event to the public was the brainchild of a woman whose husband and son served as SEALs for a combined total of more than 45 years.

See you on the water at Coranado!