Would you love to own a quality dry bag for your watersports activities but can't afford the cost of a military-grade product for yourself? Well, SUBTECH's RENEWED is here!

SUBTECH SPORTS dry bag In and out of the cold, wet weather, sea conditions, SUBTECH dry bags keep gear dry in this floating, durable sports bag for extreme conditions.

SUBTECH RENEWED:  Innovative Measures Towards a More Sustainable Future

Sustainable business-thinking is building a groundswell around the globe. With that, the dry bag design experts at SUBTECH SPORTS volley an answer to Black Friday's traditional consumerism by launching their SUBTECH RENEWED program in which they will reclaim their used PRO dry bags and give loyal customers a 40-60% coupon code towards the purchase of their next new one. Additionally, they will offer non-profits and new  purchasers the opportunity to grab up these gently used SUBTECH dry bags at an affordable price.

SUBTECH SPORTS dry bags are already made to last a lifetime. However, this brand understands that when customers purchase a new dry bag, the old one may get left on the shelf and not used at all. These older bags are often in perfect working condition and SUBTECH wants you to send them back for a discount on your new bag. Here's how:

  1.  The concept is simple. Send them your old, gently used PRO DRYBAG and receive a 40-60% coupon code towards buying the updated version bag.

2.  SUBTECH then repairs and re-sells all reclaimed bags at a heavily discounted price. They also donate these bags to non-profit organizations working to save our world oceans.

All used bags re-sold will carry a “Quality Verified by SUBTECH SPORTS” mark to ensure the company’s high quality standards are met in every bag sold. Customers can feel confident they are getting a high quality, fully waterproof, floating bag that has been quality inspected by experts.

Subtech Pro Dry Bag floating The PRO bag at SUBTECH SPORTS is innovative, durable and built for extreme conditions.

Standing By Values:  SUBTECH Educates on Environmental Impact

Here at Standup Journal, what we love about SUBTECH is that this is not the latest "smash and grab" program to capitalize on the growing green trends in consumerism. SUBTECH's very foundation is built around the precepts that protecting our world's oceans is our most important endeavor.

Check out their recent efforts to raise awareness about the Baltic Whale HERE:

SUBTECH Expedition to Raise Awareness about Baltic Whale

SUBTECH ROW across Atlantic ocean FOR BALTIC WHALES 7 A lasting investment, SUBTECH's PRO bag is built for adventure. Photo by: SUBTECH SPORTS

SUBTECH Works to Inspire Others to Take Steps Towards Sustainable Products

"Hopefully more companies will follow this example and more customers would consider getting a second hand product to limit the consumption and start think differently for coming generations."  - SUBTECH Team

This kind of environmental perspective and forward thinking is what helps our future generations begin to think about circular consumerism, sustainable business practices and looking at our ocean's health as a way to preserve the beauty we have here as a planet. We appreciate SUBTECH's initiative and steps towards inspiring others to do same. Thanks, SUBTECH!