Introducing the new Rocket Ship Turbo (RST) dugout all-water raceboard from SIC MAUI - a remarkable fusion that redefines SIC’s all-water stand up paddle racing category. 

The new RST dugout all-water stand up paddle raceboard unveiled this week showcases a remarkable evolution that redefines SIC Maui’s all-water race category.  With a design inspired by SIC’s stand up paddleboard race-winning rocker from the popular RS series, which is known for its exceptional glide and advanced maneuverability, the RST combines all this with the unmatched rough water stability of the dugout from the Atlantis and includes a venturi drain. The final results deliver unbeatable all-water paddling performance.

The RST offers speed and enhanced agility to paddle through rough water and swell using a narrowed outline, rounded rails, and a narrow tail. The dugout cockpit includes a lowered, flatted, and broadened standing area to provide stability for navigating challenging conditions. The RST’s increased bow volume and raised spine enable efficient navigation through choppy waters, while the signature venturi drain ensures rapid water evacuation from the deck of this stand up paddle racing board.  A narrow outline with an extended bow on the bottom nose also reduces drag in flat conditions.

‘We have combined the best features of the Atlantis and the RS to create the new RST. The Rocket Ship Turbo is designed to perform well in rough waters as well as in downwind racing. The RST is the result of years of research and development, including prototyping. We have retained some of the key merits of the RS, such as glide stability and maneuverability in the bumps, while also incorporating the downwind ability of the Atlantis into the new model. In summary, if you’re unsure of what to use for your next challenge, choose the RST - it’s a winner.’
–  Mark Raaphorst, SIC Maui Shaper.



RS BORROWED ROCKER LINE WITH NOSE KICK:  Proven flat-water speed and glide as well as maneuverability in the bumps.

HIGH BOW VOLUME AND RAISED SPINE:  Increase ability to shed water going upwind or during drafting.


VENTURI DRAIN:  Swift water evacuation to keep the board performing at its best.

ROUNDED RAILS IN FRONT AND REAR THIRD:  Higher top-end speed in the flats and more control riding the bumps and catching a swell.

LOWERED, FLATTENED, AND BROADENED DUGOUT : Increased stability for rough water handling and maximized standing area.

CHANNEL BOTTOM REMOVAL AND DECREASED TAIL WIDTH :  Improved water release, better turns, and enhanced surf agility

SIZING:  RST now available in the following sizes

14’0” x 21.0” LV - 240L (SF) • 109605

14’0” x 21.0” - 260L (SF) • 109606

14’0” x 23.0” - 290L (SF) • 109607

14’0” x 24.5” - 305L (SF) • 109608

14’0” x 26.0” - 320L (SF) • 109609