Watertrek entrepreneur and podcast host Severine Vasselin releases her first Waterchat podcast in English. In this episode, she talks insightfully with soulful SUP-preneur and paddle guide Courtney Sinclair of Ontario Canada.

Waterchat watertrek severine vasseli Join the Waterchat podcast series for more deep dives into our connection to water, nature, our bodies, ourselves.

Waterchat Podcast:  Go Outside to Grow Inside

Courtney Sinclair is a stand up paddle instructor based in Ontario, Canada. She met Severine Vasselin two years ago while guiding a SUP Norway expedition. Consequently, along their five day exploration of Norway's longest fjord, the two shared their life philosophies, individual passions and connections to nature. What was born was a friendship bonded by water. So, when Frenchwoman and Watertrek entrepreneur Severine decided to record her first podcast in English, she called upon Sinclair to be her guest, knowing the water guide would inspire her audiences.

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Go Outside to Grow Inside:  Waterchat Podcast

Courtney's love of water allows her to participate in the outdoors as a unique way to connect and access her own self-discovery. She believes that we all change when we connect deeply to the water. And, that change brings us to a greater empathy for the planet and our individual ability to practice more sustainable solutions in order to protect it. Courtney's work as a water guide, retreat host and stand up paddle instructor enables her "to support the exploration of both external and internal landscapes. To create space to breathe and access our power center. To hear our own voice clearly and feel aligned, using nature as a mirror."

Courney Sinclair Court Outdoors Courtney Sinclair takes SUP expedition guiding to a richer level of influence by reflecting on how our time on water guides us to listen inward.

Waterchat: Relating to our Aquatic Environments, Our Bodies, Ourselves

This Waterchat podcast conversation revolves around how a relationship to water can help each of us in our own personal growth and evolution. It also touches upon the ability of  water to transform us and create the desire to build a sustainable lifestyle to protect our planet. Both of these young women are full of life, vitality and a love of water both near and far. Tune in, sit back and be inspired.

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Go Outside to Grow Inside:  Waterchat Podcast

REFLECTION:  How does your relationship with water impact your life?