You probably dove right into an artwork or mural by Hilton Alves without ever knowing who was behind the vibrant colors of the perfect wave painting that caught your attention. Artist Hilton Alves' work is both distinctive and dynamic. We met him once at the Orlando Surf Expo where, over the course of 3 days of the trade show, Alves created a powerful mural of the ocean using spray paint, all while painting in a glass room where we could watch his process. Ever since then he’s been on our list as someone we wanted to highlight.

Hilton Alves is a longtime lover of the sea and water sports. Born in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil, he began painting professionally in June, 2000. His passion for the ocean and depth of talent gives him the opportunity to express the magnificent beauty of the aquatic world through his paintings and large murals. Alves’s passion for the sheer beauty of ocean life is captured in his paintings which highlight the themes of surfing, marine life, perfect waves and playful street art. A self-taught artist, Alves uses acrylic, spray paint and other mediums to bring to life the inspiring visions of his imagination.

In 2004 Alves showcased his talent at the next level when he began painting murals. These large scale murals convey a respect and awe for the ocean and allow viewers a glimpse into an intimate perspective of the Earth's perfect waves and precious marine life. His quest for painting these huge murals and coordinating activities with local communities stems from his desire to inspire people to have a greater relationship with the ocean and art, and to take part in environmental preservation.

In 2013 Alves created the 101 Perfect Waves International Mural Project by painting the largest wave mural in the world, located in Kalihi, Honolulu. In this extraordinary project he shared the inspiration that comes from the sea with waves and cities from around the globe. It is currently still on view in Honolulu as is all of his oceanic street art.

In 2016, after painting murals in a street art festival in Houston and at the Art Basel Miami in Wynwood, Florida, Alves created a collection of original paintings called Surf Street Art inspired by the graffiti culture. This collection is based on themes connecting surfing and street art like camaraderie, creativity, and freedom. These street art paintings are the result of Alves’ experience in both worlds. Working out of his own art studio in the beautiful town of Kahuku on Oahu's North Shore, Alves is driven to create new and vibrant work. When he isn't painting, he lets his love of watersports be his muse to reawaken his passion for the ocean and to lead him back to capturing it by painting on canvas. Learn more about his work at: