Pete’s extraordinary connection to the ocean has also fueled his parallel life as an artist. Throughout his professional watersports career, Pete has pursued the arts with vigor and curiosity. He has paired his technical photography skills with his off center painting and collage techniques to capture the essence of a life lived in and out of the Hawaiian islands.

“Art for me has always been a seamless extension of my surfing. The ocean provides me with a renewable source of inspiration that colors the basic way of life here in Hawaii. Light, drama, beauty and tension. All of this can be found daily in Maui if you know what you’re looking for.” - Pete

Bending Water

36 X 48 Inch mixed media collage on wood panel.

Paradise Unwrapped

4’ x 4’ Mixed media on wood panel.

Fiji Palms

48 x 48 Inches mixed media collage on canvas.

“In the 80’s, I took my first trip to Fiji on the word from some friends that there was a little island surrounded by great surf with no one around. The only thing was that this little island was uninhabited and that a boat was needed to get to it from wherever you were staying. We ended up staying on an island nearby and everyday we passed by this point on the way to surf.” -PC

For more information, visit: or @pete.cabrinha on Instagram