The 2023 M2M Molokai Holokai event wrapped up in a spectacular finish, showcasing the current direction of wind + watersports to the global community. This annual event, held as a rite of passage for many water lovers, brought together both paddling and foiling enthusiasts, including such elite athletes as Dave Kalama, Zane De Wilde, Annie Rieckert and Zane Schweitzer in an event that is considered an exemplar of human determination and waterborne prowess.  

The annual Molokai Holokai Ho'olaule'a includes what is largely considered one of the most challenging paddleboarding - and now foiling -competitions on the planet. The event’s name, “M2M” represents the course direction of  “Molokai to Maui '' where participants undertake a grueling 27-mile traverse which demands both experience with wind and understanding of water currents as they move through the treacherous waters of the Pailolo Channel separating the islands of Molokai and Maui. 

World Champion Zane Schweitzer debriefs his experience from this year's event.

“The 2023 M2M this year had such an epic turnout of over 90 foilers! I can’t tell you how exciting it was to share my local training grounds on the Pailolo Channel with everyone for such a challenging 27-mile race course from West Maui to Kaunakakai Molokai. As last year’s record holder in the wing foil division, I was excited to push my limits with my new board and wing gear from Starboard to improve my top time.

Across the channel, my gear and my line was awesome, but as I approached the last two miles towards the finish, the northeast wind started to flatten out on the water. Shortly after, the wind was fickle and dropped off considerably. With less than a mile to the finish, I lost all wind in the wing and resorted to flagging the wing and pumping. When that didn’t work, I got to my belly and continued to fight for the finish line, but riders with larger wings and bigger foils slowly began to pass me by. So, although I didn’t beat my record time from last year, it was so exciting to learn from all the other rider’s gear choices and see the innovation in this sport soaring!”   - Zane Schweitzer




Stevan Rice, Time:  5:03:35

SUP Foil Men

Kane De Wilde, Time:  1:39:44

SUP Foil Female
Annie Reickert, Time:  2:02:02

Wing Foil Men

Finn Spencer, Time:  1:14:44

Wing Foil Women
Cynthia Brown, Time:  1:49:33  (60+)

SUP Unlimited:
Yusuke Huyogoo, Time: 2:51:57

SUP 14’ Fixed Fin

Roland Graham, Time:  4:18:08